The Serafin is a Catholic Charismatic Movement that  aims at  sharing “ the Gospels (Good News)” among the children and to teach and train them to lead a Christian life strongly founded on the Word of God. The services of the Serafin Ministry have spread all over India as well as outside of the country.  It serves and possesses the encouragement from and the apostolic blessings of the Rt. Rev.  Bishops who belong to all the three Rites in India.  


“So it is not the will of your Father in heaven that one of these little ones should be lost” ( Mathew:18:14) ‘SERAFIN' is a spiritual prayer group of the laity which aims at  winning  the children for Christ and helping  them to grow in holiness.

It is a team which approaches the children mainly through Audio and Visual media which influence and attract the children, such as drama, puppet show, action songs, discourses, video clippings etc. and conducts for them counselling, conventions, seminars, Retreats, Prayer groups and trains them in leadership.

This team works in all  the areas where the children are found in groups namely, Schools, Parishes, Retreat Centres, Orphanages and colonies for the poor. It also conducts and carries out the continuous fasting for the lay apostolates, Intercessory prayers, apostolate through games and teenage guidance etc.

SERAFIN:The most important apostolate of the Serafin Team is Evangelisation through media. Audio and visual materials which provide spiritual messages to the tender and young hearts are available and can be found under the banner 'Serafin'. 

MAGAZINE: A magazine named ‘Serafin’ is published  as a  monthly in Tamil language and once in three months in Malayalam and English languages regularly. Stories, Poems, Games, Cartoons, Pictorial stories, literary works etc., which help the children to imbibe the personality of Jesus form the main speciality of this magazine. 

SPIRITUAL BOOKS: Spiritual books are also published with a view and concern about the education and holiness of the children in their day to day life.

AUDIO ,VIDEO  CD:  Audio, video CDs released by us can be used as aids to conduct retreats for children and those who are doing such apostolate works.


Indian Office Address
Serafin Minstry
Newyork Avenue , 3rd street
Podanur, Coimbatore. Pin 641023
Phone : +91 9388862275, +91 9790455880
Website : wwww.serafinonline.com
Email : serafinindia@gmail.com

Dubai Address
Serafin Minstry
C/o Ashbin Thomas, Sultan building
Flat No 103
Al Qusais - 1 , Dubai, UAE
PO Box No. 24277
Phone : 0563664074,
Email : ashbinjy@gmail.com

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