Best Retreat Teams
Si.No Team name Retreat type(category) Email Website Phone Address
1 Fr.Sebastian Christy common
2 Fr. Sajeev Emmatty and Team common
3 SMRC Team common
4 Fr. Thomas Kuzhiyalil common Mount Carmel Retreat Centre, Peravoor, Kannur
5 Fr.Chandan IMS Priest,Sisters,Christeen,Youth,Common, 91 4772287472 91 4772287969 IMS Dhyanabhavan Paravoor,Punnappra(PO), Alappuzha-688004
6 Rev. Fr. John Kaippallimyalil OSB Priest,Sisters,Christeen,Youth,Common, 8921377148, 8547916703
7 Rev. Dr. Vincent Korandiyarkunnel OSB & Rev. Fr. John Kaippallimyalil OSB common 8921785200, 9495670825
8 Fr. Cletus Edaserriyil CMI Priest,Sisters,Christeen,Youth,Common,
9 Eucharistic Youth Movement (EYM) and Eucharistia Mission common
10 Rev. Fr. Abraham Puthiyathu Priest,Sisters,Christeen,Youth,Common,
11 Rev. Fr. Shaji Thuppechirayil Priest,Sisters,Christeen,Youth,Common,
12 REv. Fr. Manoj OFM & Br. Thomas Poul Priest,Sisters,Christeen,Youth,Common,
13 Rev. Fr. Peeter Manikkutthi & Br. Rafeal Maprani Priest,Sisters,Christeen,Youth,Common,
14 Br. Martin Michel & Angel's Ministry Kollam common
15 Rev. Fr. Mathew Nayikkamparappil common
16 Fr. Shiju Thuruthiyil common
17 Fr. Jojo Marippattu V.C & Team common 0480 2708714 Potta Retreat Centre, Potta P.O, Chalakudy
18 Sr. Naveena & Team common 0493223255 Amalagiri Convent MSMI, Nilambur.
19 Br. Santhosh. T common
20 Shalom Pastoral Centre, Pala common familyapostolatepalai@gmail.com www.familyapostolatepalai.org 04822210049
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