Church : St. Joseph's Church

Location : ABU DHABI , UAE

Weekday  Masses

Time                        Day

6:30 am            : Monday to Thursday & Saturday (St.Joseph)

7:00 pm           : Monday to Thursday (St.Therese) 


Obligatory Masses: English

Day                              Time

Friday :6.30 am & 7.45 am (St.Joseph),

           :9.00 am & 10.15 am(St.Therese)

           :4.45 pm & 7.00 am (St.Therese)

Saturday :9.30 am, 5.45 pm  & 7.00 pm (St.Therese)

Sunday   :6.30 am (St.Joseph), 9.00 am (St.Therese),                      4.30 pm (St.Therese)

              :5.30 pm (St.Joseph), 5.45 pm (St.Therese),                      8.15 pm (St.Joseph)    

Children’s Masses

Day                 Time                             Language

Friday :9:00 am & 10:15 am (St.Joseph)  English

Thursday :7:30 pm (St.Joseph)                Arabic  


Language     Day     Time

Arabic           Friday :8.15 pm (St.Therese)

                     Sunday :7.00 pm(St.Joseph)

Filipino           Friday   :12:00 noon (St.Therese)

                      Sunday  :7.30 pm (St.Therese)

Malayalam       Friday    :3.00 pm (St.Joseph)

                       Saturday :8.15 pm (St.Joseph)

Tamil   2nd & 4th  Friday :7.15 pm (St.Joseph)

Konkani          3rd  Friday :7.15 pm (St.Joseph)

Malankara   2nd Thursday :8.30 pm (St.Joseph)

                   4th Friday      :11.00 am Assisi Hall

Urdu                  Friday       :6:00 pm (St.Joseph)

Sinhala         3rd  Friday      :4.45 pm (St.Joseph)

French             Saturday     :11.00 am (St.Joseph)

German 2nd & 4th  Saturday :11:00 am (St.Therese)

Spanish         1st  Saturday   :5:00 pm (St.Joseph)

Italian             4th Saturday    :5:00 pm (St.Joseph)

Korean           3rd  Saturday    :6:30 pm (Damian Hall)

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